Black means Black.

It has been months & when Sun rises he sees it from the window thinking all days are same. The murderers of his mother Rano were still at large. But he felt, the masterminds were in the Goyal Apartment itself. After a lull the darker world began showing its presence again. It had to because the Inspector of Multanganj Police Station had done nothing on any case given by Farman. It was going on in the Parking. He had been surprised by the changes he observed. Seldom window of the Car remained down, mirror not in place, gear changed. Suddenly he felt there was a bombmaker in the Goyal apartment itself. That evening he had planned to go down in the night to check the Car because planting cameras was not possible because of lack of throwable money. It was important to be quick to prevent tragedy of any kind. That fateful night when he had to go down he saw the neighbour Sharif Imam’s door flung open & two boys were there. It was 11 p.m & it was odd to see such thing. He called ATS because Inspector of Multanganj was not only corrupt he was criminal. The ATS raided the Goyal apartment & arrested the culprits. Those caught also had Nawed who had took the keys on excuse of parking the Car two years back saying that the floor of the Parking had to be furnished. Sharif Imam’s wife’s one mistake had saved many lives. She had left the door open at unusual time which led ATS to nab the Bombmakers.

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Script that nearly unnerved me.

Ye itni roshni kya zaroorat hai ? Band karo ise, arre koi hai ?
Aur mujhe kyun ghoor rahe ho, mujhme dekhne aur samajhne jaisa kuchch bhi nahi hai. Main jab aaine dekhta hoon toh usme daraar pad jati hai aur tab dikhta mera asli chehra. Ek darawna, kamzor aur ghinona chehra.

Lekin kya sapne dekhna galat hai ya galat hai uske sach hone ki chahat rakhna. Yahan ( Shweta Tiwari acting school me ) baithe baithe bas ek hi baat sochta hoon ki kaash maine insan aur uske jazbaaton ko apne sapno se jyada ahmiyat diya hota.

Lekin nahi, maine jyada toh nahi maanga tha bas ek chhota sa sapna dekha tha. Aise tootega nahi maloom tha. Mujhe aaj bhi yaad wo din. Main, mera sapna aur woh !

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Sometimes it gives a sense of utmost pleasure when you see the geniuses speaking what you have said. It also becomes seldom like the echo which had irritated the child but only when its used by the other scribes who reproduce it & get applause. What I had objected to was the commercial use by the copycats.

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The much needed grounds.

When we go through history it’s full of blood & the conquests. Mankind was always busy fighting & sadly 20th century too had two World wars & the war with the Muslim nations which can also be named as war with another world as it often appears. So unfortunately in the age of democracy too the war has evolved & survived to hit the humans & it’s even more dangerously violent & bitter than ever, it has become mega-war. These wars when fought in 21st century not only remain confined to the battlefield, rather they because of the media reach to every corner of the world even where the impact could have never reached in the old world.
Watching all this it’s quite clear how blood thirsty humans are. In childhood too I used to think that if they have to fight so much why don’t they fix a place like history had Panipat where they could collect every time after their thirst for the blood overwhelmed them. Then they could take on their opponents & satisfy their urge for the blood on the every excuse they have in the mind either religion, region, language, colour or race. Why do they make multimillion stadiums, race tracks in the sands of Middle East. Rather in the Sahara they should make Colosseums for these modern age Gladiators where they could quench their wild urge & spare the innocent, civilians & the civilization. ( It came to my mind when while surfing for BBC news channel I saw motor race going on in Qatar while the rest of the nations are on fire in the region )

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Superman or Spiderman.

The world is burning & yes we all know this. On the Western side it’s the Mid-East revolutions as many would like to call it whereas on the Eastern side of the world we have the Japanese catastrophe which is a triple whammy with earthquake, tsunami & the nuclear meltdown. In this hour there is dire need of the rescue act & the world waited & waited but Superman failed to come to their rescue which solves the puzzle which had crept in our mind after the release of the Spiderman which had masked the success of the Superman movie on all fronts. Superman though as people were expecting didn’t even come out of the den forget about the roaring or the superhuman efforts. I am talking about America which was being expected unexpectedly by the people to come & save them in Libya & other nations where they were being massacred by their own rulers. Though it’s an irony that the same people frown at the mention of America’s name in their country, forget intervention. So Superman was totally confused as we all were too.

We need to begin the search for some another superhero to save the world. All the heroism & super acts displayed in the Hollywood movies even those last minute successful attempts remained a far off dream for the people in the Middle east. The Superman aka US didn’t even dare to talk tough enough to deter the maniac dictators who had started killing their own people in sheer desperation rather than welcoming the democratic set up & running up in the election. The Superman was completely alienated & was even afraid to come too near to the burning nations which was to save to save the cape I think. The time was so bad for the Superman that he had become an object of hatred rather than the cult figure of saving acts. We were biting nails in horror, we were afraid that he might be labeled white or who knows even a Christian. That’s where the dialogue of Spiderman movie springs to the mind in which he had been asked, “how much this world loves it’s superhero” ? Situation was so complex that any move by the Superman had the danger of being dubbed as an outsider’s intervention. He was totally rejected in this hour of the crisis. I am so confused & little hurt too that Spiderman is winning over though I love Spiderman but was it going to be so badly over for the Superman ? No capes, no up up & away now ?
We are amidst the crucial times & we need to think over it. We need to consolidate the world body like the UN & it’s time to think whether it’s headquarters should be moved to the other nation outside US because we have seen the limitations now US has, adieu Superman. We are looking with great hope for some other superhero & just in case if Spiderman comes forward he will be more than just welcome. I think Spiderman will be a success here with his net & his much humane capacities & approaches because he sticks to the Earth rather than hovering in the air. What do you people think ? Is it still Superman or it’s now Spiderman ?

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Encounter of the third kind.

Its pathetic, this world is permanent in comparison with us the mortals but the humans are temporary and so are their attributes in this age, the underlying reason of all the odds. I assume, to save peace of mind we should avoid interacting with the people who belong to the zones of the conflict & we can be again termed selfish. I am so lucky that I took birth in India was the reply given by me to an American pro-war extremist four years back who was trying to intimidate me nastily. My harmonious thinking is in complete conjunction with Allah’s wish who has included diversity of religions, races, languages, colours & the nations. If God has made world like this we need to appreciate & assimilate ourselves as a muslim in this world instead of opposing Nature’s design, getting into conflict or trying to alter it. Rather we should agree to & accept the will of Allah & accept the diversity, that’s how it has & is meant to be.

Next comes the necessary steps to safeguard and protect ourselves from the vices of the cynics & the maniacs because we all know that we are living in difficult times. I became netizen four years back & within 3 months I was targeted & attacked. Its so easy to cyberbully anyone, easiest & it’s the cheapest act. That was the time I began to learn about the new face of the world, the darker side of the planet Earth. Though we were as far as not the poles from the conflict be it anywhere but we were far as on Neptune given to our nature & life but still the guy began to target me & that was when for the 1st time I had denoted a human as a mosquito, that was for the cyber bully. The guy thought that if he is American, 9/11 happened to them so he can take on anybody but he was smacked by their own people. His account was locked, he kept shouting he is a very humanistic, patriotic American but even Americans did not heed to him or got lured to his antics. So we should remain innocent even though being intimidated or misguided by someone, trust me the world still loves & cares for the innocents. The funniest part is that the guy is following me on the Twitter account because I have interlinked my net existences & he has come there too. After all the drama he had got organized & formed a gang on that site but thanks God I was primarily a citizen of the world not only a netizen. My account remained dormant. If you could believe it, a Jew woman, many Americans & other Christian friends taught me to tackle him. That was the best part of the story & my heart was saved from the pain, forget distortion because that is never going to happen. I thank Almighty for this & the friends are still loyal to me. The bottomline is to keep away from the conflict as much as possible & never change because of a single or a bunch of nerds.

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The bottle odyssey.

The inventor of the bottle was a true genius. He had designed it in such a way that it can be opened & closed too unlike the nuclear reactions that go on and on. If the cap of the bottle gets lost we throw it and replace the bottle with a new one thus it’s devoid of the boredom. Slowly the bottles became colourful, the transparent ones with the greatest appeal and the ones having different colours to conceal something. The humans learnt that bottles break so they began to make it unbreakable. The plastic bottles came which don’t break but they stole the essence of the bottledom. Bottles were supposed to break, nature had hid a lesson that they need to be handled with care, they were fragile, though not living but they still had life.

The bottle encompasses the timeless beauty as well as the different useful properties. But the creepy humans who had benefitted so much from the bottles did not spare them too and they began packing alcohol in it. The bottles overnight became villain in the eyes of the women who felt a little jealous and found a strange competitor which had greater addiction. The bottle began to receive abuses and were shocked when they were cursed. Then the sympathizers of the bottle woke up to save them and began packing medicine in the bottles. The bottles never lost the spirit of survival so though a part of divorce they entered the marriage party also. But the enemies of the bottle did not sit quietly and pulled the bottles into the controversy of illicit sexual relationships and rapes. This was the most nefarious and profane blame on their conscience.  The organization of bottles decided to woo women back again and so they forged an alliance with the perfumes. Then the world replied by labelling them as feminists. The bottles supposed to be universal were again at the receiving end as they felt themselves juxtaposed between the divide of the men and the women.

The life of the bottles went through too much turmoil, they were deeply hurt when Islam too at one moment not going microscopically termed them “the untouchables” thus transforming them from brothers to counterparts. This was a catastrophe for the bottles because this holy religion completely seperated their brother bottles and sowed seeds of seperation making them step brothers. The shockwaves given by Islam was going continue for the centuries to come. The bottles decided to file an appeal to Islam but in no vain. This was the dark-age for the bottles as their own brothers got permanently serperated from them due to the evil designs of humans who had housed wined in the bottles. The bottles took the moral responsibility as they should had not allowed wine anywhere in the past. The bottles found themselves helpless as they saw their just turned step brothers being smashed to pieces as per the orders given by the khalifa. This was the turning point in the history of the bottles because though this step was ethically correct, this was going to fully alienate their neo step-brothers from them for centuries to come. In the sands of the Arabia a decisive meeting took place to commemorate the service of the bottles to the humans, to save the bottles from division but it was too late as other religions too had little sympathy for the bottles with the wines. And the decisive meeting meant to unite them eventually became divisive and they parted their ways and moved away from there. The bottles were now divided into the good ones and the bad ones. Since then the bottles have been waiting for the final “Judgement day” when they will raise their heartbreaking plea before Allah the almighty for justice and ask that why were the bottles being punished when it were the humans who had misused and had corrupted their brother bottles. Justice awaits them, angels know.

This was also the age when the bottles began facing stiff competition from the cups who had conspired with the tea and the coffee, till date which still remains the biggest challenge to the bottles. The wounds of the bottle had not healed when one more thorn hit them. The humans who had been watching till now, the plethora of the crisis the beleaguered bottles were facing, came ahead. They organized the fair of the scribes and poets. The bottles were invited from all over the world in China. The humans began lavishing praises of the aesthetic splendour of the bottles and their contributions but the suave bottles were left red faced when they all ended up praising and devoting their all creations to the bottles with the wine, uff ! Tears rolled down the cheeks of the noble bottles on their pathetic condition which people misconstrued as the condensation due to the cold climate of the China.

The time kept moving and came the media, the new player which turned hostile to the bottles and it began to paint them black first in the radio, newspaper, television and then the net. The height of conspiracy was when bottles were given the shape of the women which was a part and parcel of the conspiracy. The enquiry revealed few manufacturers in the bottle Inc had been bribed. The defamation propoganda came up with a big jolt from the blue when it went a step ahead and the acid was now packed in the bottle which seldom was used to destroy the beauty of the women’s face.

The bottles had never thought that after serving humans so much and a long journey they will be portrayed as the enemy of the women who give birth to the humans. But the universality of the bottles was never debated or contended as they had secular ethos and they pervaded all the boundaries, sections of the society,the religions, regions and the continents. But the conscience of the bottles was badly bruised as they were portrayed badly in the mainstream cinema too as a devil. If the villain had to look evil a bottle of wine had to be behind in the background, seldom so many on the rack that it appeared that the villain has a shop of the wine. The bottles became symbol of evil, what pained them was that even when a hero had to depicted as someone gone astray, a bottle was usually put in his hand. The height of the problem was that the bottles could not even form a “bar association” to clean their name because once more bar was associated with the wine and liquor.

The 21st century one of the unique century which even the contributors who made it like this admit that this century has transformed life more than what thousands of centuries had not. The century of scandal came with new blessing for the bottles as the soda came as a saviour which swept the world as cold drink. Everything was going fine but the enemy of the success never sleep. And bottles were so surprised to find that pesticides made inroads into the cold drink bottles….(to be continued).

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