The much needed grounds.

When we go through history it’s full of blood & the conquests. Mankind was always busy fighting & sadly 20th century too had two World wars & the war with the Muslim nations which can also be named as war with another world as it often appears. So unfortunately in the age of democracy too the war has evolved & survived to hit the humans & it’s even more dangerously violent & bitter than ever, it has become mega-war. These wars when fought in 21st century not only remain confined to the battlefield, rather they because of the media reach to every corner of the world even where the impact could have never reached in the old world.
Watching all this it’s quite clear how blood thirsty humans are. In childhood too I used to think that if they have to fight so much why don’t they fix a place like history had Panipat where they could collect every time after their thirst for the blood overwhelmed them. Then they could take on their opponents & satisfy their urge for the blood on the every excuse they have in the mind either religion, region, language, colour or race. Why do they make multimillion stadiums, race tracks in the sands of Middle East. Rather in the Sahara they should make Colosseums for these modern age Gladiators where they could quench their wild urge & spare the innocent, civilians & the civilization. ( It came to my mind when while surfing for BBC news channel I saw motor race going on in Qatar while the rest of the nations are on fire in the region )

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