Bungee jumping.

I had recently criticized those learners who have not been at peace with themselves. I had castigated them for being highly alienated with the truth of the Islamic soul. This is a contrived conclusion that I was doing the general mulla bashing. I was not, I certainly dislike appeasing any section because I was not addressing rather I was making my site. The persons I had criticized were the ones who had been prophesied in Hadis, the ones who will read Quran & grasp nothing. I have conviction & strictly dislike those people who use Islam for their purported agenda. So do not vie for the blood of every person present in the mosque or madarsa complexes, do not hate them without knowing their belief, their work. This is the scenario on this side of border but I don’t know what’s happening on the other side of the border, that’s the reason even America has patted the Indian muslims because we muslims go to mosque on Fridays atleast and till now in years I haven’t heard a single Imam or maulvi sb urging for Jihad or favouring Pakistan.

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What’s wrong with Congress?

The common man has always been left behind in lurch after the electoral process get’s over, so they have little to do with what’s happening in Delhi but the problem is that the Indian media keeps feeding & planting politics in the minds of the Indians. So as if an alien into the world of politics one gets intimidated to express his view. The Congress party today is being mauled over & over as if they will vaporize but the truth is they are not so worthless as being depicted by the media. Nothing is wrong with the Congress, their plight is just in plain terms same like that of the farmer who works all the year round facing all weathers raising up the crop but in the end never gets back its due. The broker, market & the consumers get the real benefit of the crop.

On the question of young Rahul who is being crucified & termed immature, it simply reminds me of Jawaharlal Nehru who had failed to counter or nullify the Jinnah effect who became a tide which swept away large chunk of land from the Hindustan to reincarnate as India. Wake up Rahul & save the nation since you have the opportunity.

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Something for others.

It’s 10th of December, the Dignity day which is to raise our voice against poverty. There was a demand from the organization “Every human has rights” to walk barefoot. I never thought whether I would be able to do that or not but the day kept coming close and today I thought let’s give it a try. I sneaked out of my room, discarded my slippers in the presence of our guard without telling him anything and stepped out towards the crossroad. It was an altogether new and strange experience as I was out for the first time, barefoot. I drew little solace from the fact that the soil was soft because of the drizzle. I felt how difficult and painstaking it is to walk on the road without slippers and the next thought which came to me was how detached I was feeling while doing this act since big buildings surround my lane. Oh come on I wasn’t shy but I felt it’s awkward because it can’t help the victims of poverty.

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The mirror.

The world as today in which we live is caught in a paradox truly. It’s an age of democracy where all over the world the major countries follow the democratic set up of governance but if we observe it closely we reach to a conclusion that it is just a pseudo democracy which has evolved from the cradle of dictatorship. This democratic set up is just a gimmick of the election phase where the leaders are chosen by the ballots but as soon as they reach the destination and acquire the seat of power it gets transformed into a ruling throne and they begin to behave like dictators and there lies the real problem.

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We have arrived here in this world, to live, enjoy and cherish our beautiful life.

We have arrived here in this world, to live, enjoy and cherish our beautiful life.

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