Black means Black.

It has been months & when Sun rises he sees it from the window thinking all days are same. The murderers of his mother Rano were still at large. But he felt, the masterminds were in the Goyal Apartment itself. After a lull the darker world began showing its presence again. It had to because the Inspector of Multanganj Police Station had done nothing on any case given by Farman. It was going on in the Parking. He had been surprised by the changes he observed. Seldom window of the Car remained down, mirror not in place, gear changed. Suddenly he felt there was a bombmaker in the Goyal apartment itself. That evening he had planned to go down in the night to check the Car because planting cameras was not possible because of lack of throwable money. It was important to be quick to prevent tragedy of any kind. That fateful night when he had to go down he saw the neighbour Sharif Imam’s door flung open & two boys were there. It was 11 p.m & it was odd to see such thing. He called ATS because Inspector of Multanganj was not only corrupt he was criminal. The ATS raided the Goyal apartment & arrested the culprits. Those caught also had Nawed who had took the keys on excuse of parking the Car two years back saying that the floor of the Parking had to be furnished. Sharif Imam’s wife’s one mistake had saved many lives. She had left the door open at unusual time which led ATS to nab the Bombmakers.

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