Superman or Spiderman.

The world is burning & yes we all know this. On the Western side it’s the Mid-East revolutions as many would like to call it whereas on the Eastern side of the world we have the Japanese catastrophe which is a triple whammy with earthquake, tsunami & the nuclear meltdown. In this hour there is dire need of the rescue act & the world waited & waited but Superman failed to come to their rescue which solves the puzzle which had crept in our mind after the release of the Spiderman which had masked the success of the Superman movie on all fronts. Superman though as people were expecting didn’t even come out of the den forget about the roaring or the superhuman efforts. I am talking about America which was being expected unexpectedly by the people to come & save them in Libya & other nations where they were being massacred by their own rulers. Though it’s an irony that the same people frown at the mention of America’s name in their country, forget intervention. So Superman was totally confused as we all were too.

We need to begin the search for some another superhero to save the world. All the heroism & super acts displayed in the Hollywood movies even those last minute successful attempts remained a far off dream for the people in the Middle east. The Superman aka US didn’t even dare to talk tough enough to deter the maniac dictators who had started killing their own people in sheer desperation rather than welcoming the democratic set up & running up in the election. The Superman was completely alienated & was even afraid to come too near to the burning nations which was to save to save the cape I think. The time was so bad for the Superman that he had become an object of hatred rather than the cult figure of saving acts. We were biting nails in horror, we were afraid that he might be labeled white or who knows even a Christian. That’s where the dialogue of Spiderman movie springs to the mind in which he had been asked, “how much this world loves it’s superhero” ? Situation was so complex that any move by the Superman had the danger of being dubbed as an outsider’s intervention. He was totally rejected in this hour of the crisis. I am so confused & little hurt too that Spiderman is winning over though I love Spiderman but was it going to be so badly over for the Superman ? No capes, no up up & away now ?
We are amidst the crucial times & we need to think over it. We need to consolidate the world body like the UN & it’s time to think whether it’s headquarters should be moved to the other nation outside US because we have seen the limitations now US has, adieu Superman. We are looking with great hope for some other superhero & just in case if Spiderman comes forward he will be more than just welcome. I think Spiderman will be a success here with his net & his much humane capacities & approaches because he sticks to the Earth rather than hovering in the air. What do you people think ? Is it still Superman or it’s now Spiderman ?

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