Encounter of the third kind.

Its pathetic, this world is permanent in comparison with us the mortals but the humans are temporary and so are their attributes in this age, the underlying reason of all the odds. I assume, to save peace of mind we should avoid interacting with the people who belong to the zones of the conflict & we can be again termed selfish. I am so lucky that I took birth in India was the reply given by me to an American pro-war extremist four years back who was trying to intimidate me nastily. My harmonious thinking is in complete conjunction with Allah’s wish who has included diversity of religions, races, languages, colours & the nations. If God has made world like this we need to appreciate & assimilate ourselves as a muslim in this world instead of opposing Nature’s design, getting into conflict or trying to alter it. Rather we should agree to & accept the will of Allah & accept the diversity, that’s how it has & is meant to be.

Next comes the necessary steps to safeguard and protect ourselves from the vices of the cynics & the maniacs because we all know that we are living in difficult times. I became netizen four years back & within 3 months I was targeted & attacked. Its so easy to cyberbully anyone, easiest & it’s the cheapest act. That was the time I began to learn about the new face of the world, the darker side of the planet Earth. Though we were as far as not the poles from the conflict be it anywhere but we were far as on Neptune given to our nature & life but still the guy began to target me & that was when for the 1st time I had denoted a human as a mosquito, that was for the cyber bully. The guy thought that if he is American, 9/11 happened to them so he can take on anybody but he was smacked by their own people. His account was locked, he kept shouting he is a very humanistic, patriotic American but even Americans did not heed to him or got lured to his antics. So we should remain innocent even though being intimidated or misguided by someone, trust me the world still loves & cares for the innocents. The funniest part is that the guy is following me on the Twitter account because I have interlinked my net existences & he has come there too. After all the drama he had got organized & formed a gang on that site but thanks God I was primarily a citizen of the world not only a netizen. My account remained dormant. If you could believe it, a Jew woman, many Americans & other Christian friends taught me to tackle him. That was the best part of the story & my heart was saved from the pain, forget distortion because that is never going to happen. I thank Almighty for this & the friends are still loyal to me. The bottomline is to keep away from the conflict as much as possible & never change because of a single or a bunch of nerds.

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