The bottle odyssey.

The inventor of the bottle was a true genius. He had designed it in such a way that it can be opened & closed too unlike the nuclear reactions that go on and on. If the cap of the bottle gets lost we throw it and replace the bottle with a new one thus it’s devoid of the boredom. Slowly the bottles became colourful, the transparent ones with the greatest appeal and the ones having different colours to conceal something. The humans learnt that bottles break so they began to make it unbreakable. The plastic bottles came which don’t break but they stole the essence of the bottledom. Bottles were supposed to break, nature had hid a lesson that they need to be handled with care, they were fragile, though not living but they still had life.

The bottle encompasses the timeless beauty as well as the different useful properties. But the creepy humans who had benefitted so much from the bottles did not spare them too and they began packing alcohol in it. The bottles overnight became villain in the eyes of the women who felt a little jealous and found a strange competitor which had greater addiction. The bottle began to receive abuses and were shocked when they were cursed. Then the sympathizers of the bottle woke up to save them and began packing medicine in the bottles. The bottles never lost the spirit of survival so though a part of divorce they entered the marriage party also. But the enemies of the bottle did not sit quietly and pulled the bottles into the controversy of illicit sexual relationships and rapes. This was the most nefarious and profane blame on their conscience.  The organization of bottles decided to woo women back again and so they forged an alliance with the perfumes. Then the world replied by labelling them as feminists. The bottles supposed to be universal were again at the receiving end as they felt themselves juxtaposed between the divide of the men and the women.

The life of the bottles went through too much turmoil, they were deeply hurt when Islam too at one moment not going microscopically termed them “the untouchables” thus transforming them from brothers to counterparts. This was a catastrophe for the bottles because this holy religion completely seperated their brother bottles and sowed seeds of seperation making them step brothers. The shockwaves given by Islam was going continue for the centuries to come. The bottles decided to file an appeal to Islam but in no vain. This was the dark-age for the bottles as their own brothers got permanently serperated from them due to the evil designs of humans who had housed wined in the bottles. The bottles took the moral responsibility as they should had not allowed wine anywhere in the past. The bottles found themselves helpless as they saw their just turned step brothers being smashed to pieces as per the orders given by the khalifa. This was the turning point in the history of the bottles because though this step was ethically correct, this was going to fully alienate their neo step-brothers from them for centuries to come. In the sands of the Arabia a decisive meeting took place to commemorate the service of the bottles to the humans, to save the bottles from division but it was too late as other religions too had little sympathy for the bottles with the wines. And the decisive meeting meant to unite them eventually became divisive and they parted their ways and moved away from there. The bottles were now divided into the good ones and the bad ones. Since then the bottles have been waiting for the final “Judgement day” when they will raise their heartbreaking plea before Allah the almighty for justice and ask that why were the bottles being punished when it were the humans who had misused and had corrupted their brother bottles. Justice awaits them, angels know.

This was also the age when the bottles began facing stiff competition from the cups who had conspired with the tea and the coffee, till date which still remains the biggest challenge to the bottles. The wounds of the bottle had not healed when one more thorn hit them. The humans who had been watching till now, the plethora of the crisis the beleaguered bottles were facing, came ahead. They organized the fair of the scribes and poets. The bottles were invited from all over the world in China. The humans began lavishing praises of the aesthetic splendour of the bottles and their contributions but the suave bottles were left red faced when they all ended up praising and devoting their all creations to the bottles with the wine, uff ! Tears rolled down the cheeks of the noble bottles on their pathetic condition which people misconstrued as the condensation due to the cold climate of the China.

The time kept moving and came the media, the new player which turned hostile to the bottles and it began to paint them black first in the radio, newspaper, television and then the net. The height of conspiracy was when bottles were given the shape of the women which was a part and parcel of the conspiracy. The enquiry revealed few manufacturers in the bottle Inc had been bribed. The defamation propoganda came up with a big jolt from the blue when it went a step ahead and the acid was now packed in the bottle which seldom was used to destroy the beauty of the women’s face.

The bottles had never thought that after serving humans so much and a long journey they will be portrayed as the enemy of the women who give birth to the humans. But the universality of the bottles was never debated or contended as they had secular ethos and they pervaded all the boundaries, sections of the society,the religions, regions and the continents. But the conscience of the bottles was badly bruised as they were portrayed badly in the mainstream cinema too as a devil. If the villain had to look evil a bottle of wine had to be behind in the background, seldom so many on the rack that it appeared that the villain has a shop of the wine. The bottles became symbol of evil, what pained them was that even when a hero had to depicted as someone gone astray, a bottle was usually put in his hand. The height of the problem was that the bottles could not even form a “bar association” to clean their name because once more bar was associated with the wine and liquor.

The 21st century one of the unique century which even the contributors who made it like this admit that this century has transformed life more than what thousands of centuries had not. The century of scandal came with new blessing for the bottles as the soda came as a saviour which swept the world as cold drink. Everything was going fine but the enemy of the success never sleep. And bottles were so surprised to find that pesticides made inroads into the cold drink bottles….(to be continued).

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