Bungee jumping.

I had recently criticized those learners who have not been at peace with themselves. I had castigated them for being highly alienated with the truth of the Islamic soul. This is a contrived conclusion that I was doing the general mulla bashing. I was not, I certainly dislike appeasing any section because I was not addressing rather I was making my site. The persons I had criticized were the ones who had been prophesied in Hadis, the ones who will read Quran & grasp nothing. I have conviction & strictly dislike those people who use Islam for their purported agenda. So do not vie for the blood of every person present in the mosque or madarsa complexes, do not hate them without knowing their belief, their work. This is the scenario on this side of border but I don’t know what’s happening on the other side of the border, that’s the reason even America has patted the Indian muslims because we muslims go to mosque on Fridays atleast and till now in years I haven’t heard a single Imam or maulvi sb urging for Jihad or favouring Pakistan.

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